Thursday, January 24

Show Me the Stretch Marks

"Hey, Ian, can you come move this box a little so I can get my bike through?."

"Oh, yeah, sure."

"Just a little more please son, I need to park my bike right there by the radiator."

"Oh, yes, Right, because you're the only one privileged enough to park your bike in the house while the rest of us have to take ours all the way to the back!"

"Yep. You wanna fight about it, or d'you want to push out three babies?"


(he moved the box)


  1. You nailed that exchange! Perfect!

  2. Too right Jenn. With you all the way. And just for future reference (since I may use this one myself in the future), did he then look disgusted and wander off upstairs to play on Wii and rid his mind of horrific female images? Thought so...

  3. wb-
    Yes, and I use them like weapons, everytime!

    hehe. Thanks!

    Almost exactly, 'cept it's a playstation 2, and you left out the part about the violent shudder and throwing up just a little in his mouth.

    Never a dull moment in the banter at this house!

    Sometimes, I even crack myself up. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I wish I'd thought of that comeback!!!! This is the kind of conversation around our house a bit too often lately. GREAT response, Jenn!!!! You're my HERO.

  5. One of my own dear sainted mother's favorites: "I brought you in to this world and I can take you out." She was also known to use "Don't make me give you the bill for your 9 months room and board."

  6. LOL... good comeback. (((HUGS)))

  7. It's like when one of my guys pokes my belly and says "you're fat" and I say "you were in there - I earned this body."

    He generally stops poking.

    Go girl!!!

  8. Most excellent. I'll remember that one.

  9. Ha ha, Jenn. You're brilliant!

  10. I am so going to have to remember that line the next time my pre-teen mouths off about the unfairness of his life.

  11. That one wore out too long ago for me. Besides, with girls, the shudder factor doesn't really apply. My favorite trick lately is to hum the "William Tell" overture. I sang the "Mom Song" so often it is now guaranteed to bring a shudder and just humming usually elicits an "All right, all right"!!

    Besides, as I often remind them, no one said that life is fair!!

  12. Funny! I will have to add that one to my arsenal.

  13. LOL! I am so using that when the time is right!

  14. Oh, speaking of stretch marks, I am literally showing you mine on my blog. I've had so many requests for pregnant belly shots, I finally posted one (although it's only part of my belly and Julia's in it stealing all of the attention with her to-die-for eyelashes).

  15. "(he moved the box)"---Hahahaha. Smart boy.

    And you are frickin' brackin' funny...