Thursday, January 17

You Send Me

I've got a golden ticket
I've got a golden twinkle in my eye

I never had a chance to shine
Never a happy song to sing
But suddenly half the world is mine
What an amazing thing

'Cause I've got a golden ticket
I've got a golden sun up in the sky

Okay, it's not a ticket exactly. It's a postcard.
And not a postcard exactly but a photo which really could be a postcard, mounted on a card.
And it's mine.
Jenn sent it.
I love it.

I love cards.

And mail.

How much do I love cards?
This year when the Christmas cards began rolling in from family and friends, including one from Allison and one from Leslie, I strung a line across my dining room wall, and hooked them on one by one with tiny clothespins. It gave me such a charge.
In spite of the fact that Christmas has been cleaned up for weeks now, I still have my cards prominently displayed. It will likely be March before I take them down.

That's how much.

I am going to take a stab at it here and guess that you are fond of cards too. Or at least of mail that isn't a bill, a reminder, or a sale flyer.

So, I've got an offer.

Here on my desk sits a stack of cards, of which I must admit I am quite proud. And I want to send one to you.

Yeah, you.

You might remember shades of this kind of offer before--last summer when I offered and sent postcards. That was seriously so much fun, I want to do it again.

You want to play? Here's the deal.

1. Comment on this post. It can be any length you choose--verbose or succinct.
2. Make it rhyme.
3. You heard me.
4. Rhyme.

Then leave me your email address (even if you think I have it) and I will contact you for your snail mail address. Then,

5. Wait.

You'll be singing soon.

'Cause I've got a golden ticket
I've got a golden chance to make my way
And with a golden ticket, it's a golden day*

*Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newly


  1. I wrote a whole poem here. Really, I did! It was awful, of course, but it rhymed! And then I realized that I won't let you send me anything, you crazy wonderful woman. The discoball lamp is worth fifty-seven-thousand cards. That's right. Fifty-seven-thousand.

    Hope you bought a lot of stamps...

  2. Your offer is crazy,
    And I am too lazy,
    To make this rhyme last,
    Yep - it's over this fast.

    And am assuming you're kidding about the e-mail address and actually sending the card. But let me know if you're not.

  3. I have to admit it,
    And this is true,
    I love getting cards
    As much as you.

    It's oh so nice
    And gives me a thrill
    To open an envelope
    That isn't a bill.

    And I'm going to take the bait here and say you can e-mail me at kmkleinathotmaildotcom. That's not my super secret e-mail but I still check it daily.

  4. I've gotten TWO cards
    With a postmark that's Dutch.
    Would I like another?
    Yes, please - very much!

    I never replied, though,
    So maybe I'm bad.
    But getting one more
    Would make me feel glad.

    I'll tell you what -
    If I get one more,
    I'll write back to you.
    Will that even the score?

    I'll throw in a haiku
    just for you, all for free.
    So, what do you say?
    Will you send one to me?

    (Yeah, it scans like a car driving on a pot-holed road, but it rhymes!)

  5. Oh, pooh! Hit PUBLISH before I could leave the email address. I'm pretty sure you already know it, but since I'm all about playing by the rules (oh, yeah - right!) here it is:

    And I know you have my snail mail address, but if you ask for it again, I'll send it.


  6. A letter, a card, a note -
    I was the one who wrote.
    The years rolled by,
    I'm still that guy,
    Now looking for someone to quote.

    Not much, but not much time to create when there are Mardi Gras Costumes to sling together! I think you have the info but to play along:

    kenweatherup AT hotmail DOT com

  7. She said it must rhyme . . .
    I just haven't the time.
    I'm just way to busy
    My world's in a tizy

    But a card from abroad?
    My logic seems flawed
    See, this poems no haiku
    It will just have to do!


  8. I've never received,
    a card from abroad......
    But if one came in the mail,
    I'd happily applaud.

    What a nice thing to do ! (((HUGS)))

  9. I'm tired from work
    my boss is a jerk
    please send me some mail
    before I go to jail

    kinda rhymed.


  10. A card from afar
    Would make my heart a-flutter
    Perhaps as thanks
    I could send peanut butter

    amitchells AT yahoo DOT com

  11. Oh send me a card!
    I'll hang it in my barnyard!
    With my giraffes, my dog and my cats
    But hopefully not bats!
    OK really I live in a cape
    with cranberry colored drapes
    But I still love mail
    particularly when it's sent via snail

  12. Jenn, Jenn it's been too long.
    Jenn, Jenn you often write in song.
    I miss you deary.
    It makes me dreary.
    Jenn, Jenn it's been a while.
    Jenn, Jenn, your postcard will make me smile. :)

    Ok so that was a sad attempt, but I tried.

  13. oops, I didn't leave my email.

  14. Just a short rhyme,
    For I haven't much time!
    An offer of Mail?
    I simply must avail!
    My address you know well.
    (You lived here for a spell!)
    And if you deliver personally,
    Then I'll give you a cup of tea!!


  15. Yeah, I enjoyed getting the postcard from you, but I won't ask for another one until I get the one mailed to you ...
    that ...
    I ...
    bought ...
    at least ...
    two or three ...
    months ...
    Yeah, really. I'm that bad.
    No, this is not trying to be poetry, rhymed or otherwise.

  16. A stitch in time,
    might save nine.
    But as for me,
    I'm lazy as can be.

    To put off today,
    to do tomorrow,
    Is how I work,
    but oft causes sorrow.

    So I'm writing now,
    to show you how,
    I want a card,
    And am working hard.

    To get this to you,
    In a minute or two,
    And for goodness sake,
    I hope I'm not late!


  17. Here I set in old Den Haag
    I should be sleeping like a log
    When what on my screen should appear
    But a fellow traveler who might buy beer?

    I found your site by following a link
    Odds were good that it would really stink
    Yet here I found a nice surprise
    One with whom whose views I empathize.

    So now I give you my address
    Though my rhyme is quite a mess
    I won't hear from you I bet
    But I'll be waiting at joseph logan (at) airpost (dot) net.

  18. I love that song,
    I love that film
    Though Burton's take was perfection
    But this idea
    Is crazier
    Than Rohl Dahl's whole collection

    I'd like a card
    If you don't mind
    Posting all the way to me
    If you can't fund
    The fees to fly
    You can ship it over the sea!

    I can be found
    By way of web
    If the offer is true and ok
    If you have a minute
    It's Simon at Freelancecynic
    And don't forget the .co .uk

  19. Jen, Jen your photos make me smile,
    I could really use that after a while.

    I'll write this quick
    To get a card from abroad would be a kick..

    I'll need more latte to do write more.
    Cause I get so board answering phones I could snore.

    Sound cool!

    I'll promise not to drool.

    cld_designs at Yahoo dot com

  20. I've been meaning to write
    But had been full of fright
    For it has been long,
    since I've written a poem

    If this gets through
    It will be a breakthrough
    For it only takes Jen in Holland
    To bring me back to the Poet's Land!

    note: i really mean it...what a brain exercise i just had! ;)

  21. As my kids are Dutch
    We are enjoying your blog very much.
    We'd love a postcard from over the sea
    But it has a long way to get to me.
    At least you won't have to row here,
    Down to Aotearoa!

    (My kids pretty much wrote that *ahem* - and the last bit is because we just had two rowers from Australia row across to NZ / Aotearoa. It took a while!)

    Contact e-mail is EnnaVicatgmaildotcom

  22. I'm not a princess
    I have no frog
    But I will give my E-mail
    On your Blog

    Please send me a postcard and I will send you one too.

  23. for you
    words traveling
    time and space
    ink, paper
    my handwriting
    you and I

    My attempt at rhyme. I will love to get a postcard from you. beatrymaciasatyahoodotcom

  24. From across the sea
    what a delight it would be
    a postcard for me

    Not only does it rhyme, it's a haiku. FUNK DAT!

  25. P.S. Haiku Buckaroo. Coming again in February. Oh! Do you hear it? Do you? 5-7-5, baby. It's coming. Get ready.

  26. Dutch winter skies are full of life
    Wind and rain and torn cloud's strife.
    Gaunt-limbed branches frame the sky
    Leafless and spare and trembling high.
    While down my street the view is soft
    Trees are dim, gray mists aloft.
    Sunday strollers fight the cold
    Huddled together, young and old.

    But in the distance, my window, a light, shines warm and golden, welcoming bright. Home, with warm coffee, a sofa and books, flowers and memories, my partner's warm looks.

    But first to the postbox,
    Still empty I guess,
    Won't you please fill it?
    Here's my address...

  27. I live in Jerusalem
    nobody sends cards to me
    because total mayhem
    is the local delivery

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

  28. I'm late in my replying
    because I sometimes need reminding
    or at least a little prod
    to get around to reading blogs

    and my rhyming's kinda sad
    (okay, really, I know it's bad)
    but we'll blame the lateness of the evening
    for my poor head's reeling

    ooooh. ouch. I'm sure I wrote better stuff on the bathroom wall in high school....

    And yeah, I catch up on these things ... eventually! Am I allowed to get a 2nd card?? Glad mine made it over the pond to you :)