Friday, January 11

With My Little Eye

The day: January 10th. The time: To read.

Completely swept up in the spirit of the campaign I snuggled in my bed in the evening hours to cuddle up with part 2 of the (controversial) Philip Pullman HIS DARK MATERIALS series. 14-year old Ian and I have been vying for position for the books of this trilogy. He won and I have waited somewhat patiently as he completes each book before I can snatch it and crack the cover under cover.

Delightfully paced in this second book, the prose immediately swept me into the story....
I can't review or report beyond that since I am only just in the beginning really of this epic adventure. I can join the ranks of others--who have read, contemplated, and reviewed the series--and recommend it. Very worthy of a night together, indeed.
In the interests of a book report however, I want to share the book 4-year old Andrew chose for Day to Read.

It was this one:

And. It. Is. Fabulous.

Written/compiled by Lucy Micklethwait and published by Harper Collins, it is just as the title describes, a typical I spy book where the reader is encouraged to find something on each page. However instead of spying a cartoon character in a chaotic cartoon background, the challenge is to find the item or individual inside a piece of fine art.

Find the lion

Ranging from the classic to the modern and spanning the centuries, the paintings include pieces by Picasso, Bosch, and Rousseau. Cool, huh?

find the mouse

Andrew and I cuddled up on the couch to share his book of choice early in the day. I really can't even begin to describe the joy for both of us as we turned each page and read the challenge on the left only to cast eyes to the right and begin to search. Some were simple as you can imagine, others took us several minutes to solve, but with each page turn we became more enthused for the game itself and more impressed by the art. Beyond the complete charge for a preschooler in being able to spot the sought after item, was the joy of sitting together and discussing what else we could see inside that picture. We didn't stop until we reached the end of the 20 paintings rich text.

And then we read it again.

find the lamb

Other titles in this concept and by this author:

I Spy--An Alphabet in Art
I Spy--Numbers in Art
I Spy--Transport in Art

All on order from Amazon.

We can't wait.


  1. I just love books that make art fun. Yeah for Andrew's choice.

  2. It's the coolest piece of children's literature I have seen in a long time!

  3. Those are both amazing books! I've recommended the I Spy series to others. C just finished book 2 in His Dark Materials and is about to start 3. D is following him and is about to start 2. D and I have read the series already, though. I think I'm going to reread it.

  4. Yeah, I am thrilled to be at that point in life where I am doing shared reading with my big kids. It's fun to trade books around and to take their recommendations (and have them accept mine) for good reads.

    Of course, Andrew and I adore our shared reading time too.

  5. Hi! I saw your blog at "Jen of a2eatwrite" :) I like your blog :) I couldn't find the mouse in the picture :) I found the lion and the lamb though :)

    I haven't read "His dark materials" but I have heard it is quite good.

    Have a nice day,

  6. Thanks for mentioning Phillip Pullman's books, I heard they were great and then got a bunch of emails saying "Anti-christian writing! Evil! Beware!" good to see some actual reviews!

  7. I discovered Philip Pullman about five years ago. You can always tell a book will be a good one by how loud people complain that something is "BAD" about it. Tom Sawyer and Harry Potter are in good company now with Lyra. I haven't seen the Golden Compass Movie yet, is it any good?

  8. that's a nice way to get young children in touch with art early on!

  9. I LOVE the idea behind the I Spy books. Must get some of those...

    And I guess I'll have to check out the Phillip Pullman. You know what a rebel I am...

  10. Me tooo! I am in part 2 of His Dark Materials. Enjoying it so far. Do not understand all the hoopla, but then I guess the "worst" is yet to come.

    Also, I HAVE to get those I Spy books for Jaxon! Those are some of my favorite works of art and he loves the I Spy books. Too cool!

  11. I love the I Spy book! Julia loves I Spy and this one is just fabulous! We may have to get this one for ourselves.

    As for His Dark Materials - glad to hear of someone reading it rather than shouting, "NOOO! BAD! DON'T READ!" To me, fiction is fiction. And anything that stirs up your brain cells and gets you thinking and, even better, asking questions, is a good thing. I have the series to my pre-teen nephew for Christmas and took some heat for it. My response was, "Well, why don't you read it and then we'll talk." I haven't heard from any of them. But, my nephew actually put down his video game controller and cracked open a book. Bad book? Impossible.

  12. Mean to type "I gave the series..."

    And the heat-givers were some of Dave's family members, if I wasn't being clear in my last comment.

    What can I say? I'm cerebally challenged, if that's even a word.