Thursday, April 3

Apply Within

As I am writing this I am staring straight on at my eldest son, who, perched in front of me, hand outstretched in hopes of some money sliding across his palm, is wearing a t-shirt with a single sentence written across the chest.

I didn't do it.

Kind of the perfect sentiment for this kid, I'd say. It may fall just short of Do I have to? if you were actually looking for the mantra most repeated.

I am suddenly thinking I should take up t-shirt writing and design. And start a screen printing business.

I could start simply with just the most oft spoken phrases around this house. Things like:

'We gotta get us a cool car!' (Andrew)
'Okay, okay, hang on a sec.' (Emma)
'Is this a paid job?' (Ian)
'I'll be there directly' (Don)
and 'Seriously, dude, where are your pants?' (that's me)

I'm thinking there just might be something to this.
Feedback for market research now being accepted in the comments section.

Sunshine on display at the photo blog.
Come on over, bask in it.
Tell me you stopped by.


  1. :D I'll order every t-shirt! Can I bring my own oneliner though?

    Scholeksters, scholeksters.

  2. My oldest son has a shirt that says "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Fits him perfectly; he's wearing it today, as a matter of fact! LOL!

  3. At my house:

    "I know, I know!"

    "I have NO idea."

    "That's not what I said."

    "I think this pair is good for another day."

    "Just five more minutes and then I promise to get up."

  4. Forgot to mention that I went and looked at your sunshine. I didn't see any snow. Or rain, either. Could spring have arrived?

  5. A great idea - love them all - here are a couple from my house:

    "I am so sorry - I totally forgot!"

    "Last song, I promise" (that would be me - playing Guitar Hero)

    "Mommy - I beat Raining Blood" (that would be DD on Guitar Hero)

    "Where is my phone?"

    And my personal favorite
    "Do I have to?"

  6. I going to start saying your line to my older son when he comes down in his pjs in the morning!

  7. Love it! I'll take one of each. It will be a huge hit! Run with the idea!

  8. let me know when you launch the website!

    how about "I know it's in front of my face, I just can't find it"

  9. I wish someone would make a t-shirt of one of my favorite lines from The Incredibles:

    "HONEY? Where's my supersuit?"

  10. I hear congratulations are in order - VERY WELL deserved, my friend. OutSTANDing!

    The Rising Blogger

  11. I can't wait to see those T-shirts. How about "Who said so?"

    Btw, dropping by from Chelle's blog.

  12. I love those! Could I also put an order in for, "No, I didn't!" (for my kids) and, "How many days have you worn those underwear?" for me.

    Very funny!

  13. I think you're on to something here...I'd take 3 "I didn't do it" shirts.

  14. Oh. Mygosh. The last one. Killed. Me. HAHAHAHAHA!

  15. How about this one which is popular amongst all teenagers with siblings: "Why me?"

  16. How about this one which is popular amongst all teenagers with siblings: "Why me?"