Monday, April 21

Whatever it Takes

The ingredients necessary:

  • A set of enthusiastic, energetic, forward thinking, selfless teenagers (do they make those?) who use the project requirement of their International Honor Society and turn it to an opportunity to make the world a little better. They plan and carry out a benefit concert for the organization Dance 4 Life (a group which mobilizes and unites young people to push back AIDS and HIV 4Life)

    Kids like this, perhaps:
  • A song, introduced to me via Allison of Soccer Mom in Denial, who seems to be on the cutting edge of all things cool. She blogged about it once, and we've been singing it in this house ever since (Andrew knows every word).
    A song such as this:

  • A friend like this who introduces me to the selfless, forward thinking, energetic, enthusiastic teenagers. We collaborate. We brainstorm. I create. (I like doing that)
  • A group of willing, or perhaps not so, youth participants (Emma among them) who are surprised by my presence one week during their weekly meeting. "Dance? Us?" They ask. I answer. "You better believe it."

    They do.

The product rendered:

  • An enjoyable, uplifting afternoon for all involved.

  • More than 650 euros raised for the cause.

  • That little rush for all of us that something good just happened here.


SMID's Music Monday
More music links at Soccer Mom in Denial.

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  1. Wow oh wow! That is just amazing. I wish I could see a video of their performance. Yeah for them!

  2. cool! Excellent job - you have done a good thing

  3. It's nice to hear of good people doing good things--gives you hope that things are better than they sometimes seem.

  4. Wow! Great job! Also a very good idea to actually do a dance for dance4life, it is a really good organisation! Have you seen the event in the gelredome a few years back? That was so impressive (I was there).

  5. That's so wonderful, Jenn! Congrats to those teens and to their youth leader. ;-)

    And now I understand the Annie Lennox button, too... been meaning to ask about that!