Saturday, April 5

Music and Medicine


my own game
click here for the rules.

Is it echoing in your ears?

Join the play. Leave a comment and your link if you've posted.

1. Flower Child

2. Mariposa

3. Anneke

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  1. Nice to see you out and about today. I'm passing on being singular today because I want Thursday's post to stay on top for a little longer.

    I'm that worried about the elections to miss out on the Simplicity of Saturday.

    Mind passing along some laughter this way? The kids are driving me a tad batty...

  2. God, laughter, I miss that today! In fact, I think I just ranted on your SS last week, thinking that was this week! Argghhh, I'm not in myself...

  3. My kids and I went out to dinner with a friend and her son and I laughed so hard at the funny things that the kids did. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time and it felt great.

  4. Laughing is so god for you, even if you just train your abs... :D

    I love to laugh, thankfully I have a lot of friends who make me (and I make them) laugh. I remember entire afternoond spent in a laughing frenzy, we simply couldn't stop.

  5. I'm laughing. Alas, not all the way to the bank. But laughing nonetheless.

  6. Yes and yes! I hope you are laughing lots, my friend.

  7. Laughing, cuz if I don't, I just might kill them all... :-)

  8. You're unusual quiet, no? Everything ok?

  9. I don't know what to do with these weird posts. Pictures confuse me. And little boxes. :)

    I miss you! Come see me!