Saturday, April 19

Blowing Through My Open Window


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  1. We tried to eat supper outside on the deck yesterday. It was a tad chilly in the shade. But it was so nice that we could even try.

    How nice to have an open window.

  2. We had our morning coffee on the deck. Heaven.

  3. A nice breeze to clear your head. I think the breeze needn't be so strong (right now it is) but breezes are good.

  4. Nothing better. My favorite weekend afternoon treat is a nap with the bedroom windows open, and a breeze blowing the curtains just so. Heaven.

  5. it started off so fine and the temperatures are fine...but now fine rain is drippling :(

    poooh, it won't get my good mood

  6. Oh - that would make my Saturday even more perfect - a breeze!!!!!! We don't get many of those in the desert - more like gale force monsoons!

  7. If I had allowed an open window today, it would have found a freezing chill accompanied by snow. Ugh. It just never seems to end.

    Great blog site! I linked from my good friend Ellen's (goofball). If I were witty enough tonight, I would participate in your Singular Saturday however I will save that for next week and will email you for the icon.

  8. The weather out here is so nice that we're going to eat dinner outside.

  9. I have written an article about copyright that might interest/shock you...come on over to check it out.

  10. I always find it funny that when the rest of the world is preparing to spend more time outdoors in the pleasant weather we, down here in Miami, prepare to hibernate indoors for the summer's duration. lol

    May the lovely breeze you currently feel not end up the wind you so despise. ;)