Monday, April 14

Listen for Awhile


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When I was eight years old, I remember sitting, delicately perched, at the end of the piano bench as my mother played, and learning every word to Killing Me Softly made popular by Roberta Flack. In 1974 I was far too young to really understand the nuance of the lyrics but I loved singing alongside my mom as she worked through the melody and we sang out a life in the words. That's a song that kind of sticks with you.

This is another one.

I was directed to this piece by a good (amazing, kind, beautiful, wonderful, compassionate, incredible+) friend the other day. As I googled it and found both lyrics and video for this tune, I was stunned and overwhelmed. Someone was singing my life with her words. Suddenly, every passion that Ms. Flack had ever embedded in the words she sang in her tune in that 70's hit, made perfect sense to me. Clear and perfect sense.

(This is the moment in time wherein you label me as a maudlin, sappy, idealistic and overly romantic little girl, and I will wear that badge proudly, because at my core I know I am all that and I am okay with it. Really.)

Hold me love, you know I can't sleep again
You know I have to kiss your lips-
I wanna lay here next to you

I remember walking in the rain
Rain was falling on my hands
I don't wanna live through that again, love.

Outside it hardly gets dark now
Lovers walking in the park now
Children singing songs that
Will now make all our dreams come true
I'm in love with you

I know it takes love
Love is a healing thing
When you give everything
You're loving the world
The world gives you love to hold onto
Remember who, when summer is over

Just give me many chances
I'll see you through it all
Just give me time to learn to crawl

In September, when the rains come,
and the wind blows, I will see you walking in your coat,
And if you let me, I will keep you here inside the stars
I will love the sound of my sheets
Since you have moved beneath them

Just give me many chances
I'll see you through it all
Just give me time to learn to crawl*

Written and originally recorded by Rickie Lee Jones, the following video was recorded by Jasmine Whenham. (I like it best of all that I could find on Youtube) It touches me in ways I can hardly explain. So, if you have a quiet minute to get carried away, by all means press play.

I know it takes love.

*RICKIE LEE JONES Stewart's Coat
+ The friend of whom I speak is our guest today at Looking Into.
Please pop over and say a little something to her. It's worth the trip click.
I promise.


  1. Beautiful song. Very sweet. I'm sure it made your loved one smile (well...if he heard it anyway).

  2. Lovely.

    As another chick who has a maudlin, sappy, idealistic and overly romantic little girl at her core, I loved it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, you are a maudlin, sappy, idealistic and overly romantic little girl. Like your friend, you are also amazing, kind, beautiful, wonderful, compassionate and incredible. And those are just a few of the reasons we love you.

  4. Is this when I get to jump up and down and say "Jenn played Music Monday! Jenn played Music Monday!!"

    Such a song. I hadn't heard it before.

    But then I really loved the image of little you, sitting next to your mom as she sang Killing Me Softly. Oh so rich, so very very rich.

    My mom sang ABBA tunes from the front of the station wagon. Hmmmmm.....

  5. And now, let's talk about the history of "Killing Me Softly."

    "Killing Me Softly with His Song" is a 1971 song composed by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel. The song was inspired by a poem by Lori Lieberman, "Killing Me Softly with His Blues", which she wrote after seeing a then-unknown Don McLean perform the song "Empty Chairs" live.

  6. It's simply a beautiful song. And I wasn't too young for Killing Me Softly - that one really spoke to me as I navigated my first real romance.

  7. Oooh, gorgeous.

    You might like Toni Price's "Beautiful Garden." IMHO, it has a very similar feel.

  8. my generation that song (Killing me Softly) was made popular by the Fugees. Will you kill me softly if I admit that I didn't actually know that it wasn't their song? Hey, I wasn't even born in 1974, so cut me some slack.

  9. Just beautiful, Jenn. From one maudlin, sappy, idealistic and overly romantic little girl to another.