Saturday, April 26

'Check' This--A Game for You. Category: Weekend Travel (no kids) The Clue: *sounds like*:


my own game
click here for the rules.

D'ya know where I am? Wish you were here?

Leave your link if you're playing.
And a comment with your guess (and expressions of envy) of course.

1. Soccer Mom in Denial
2. citizen jane
3. Flower Child
4. Kate Forsey
5. Allie
6. Jen of a2eatwrite
7. CableGirl
8. Goofball

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  1. oooh, I love Prague. Such a gorgeous city!

  2. I was thinking den Haag but then that would be silly. Prague! Have fun!

  3. Hmm. Hard one, Prague doesn't exactly sound like frog, does it?


    I give up. Do tell!

  4. ohh ohhh i know this one.... is it Prague by any chance?!
    hee hee hee
    hope you are having a wonderful time..... see you when you get back love xxxx

  5. Oh ... after going throught the alphabet sounding out words, the only one that I could come up with was Prague and Krog but I googled Krog and that isn't a place as far as the internet could tell.

    Have fun!!

  6. You have a great blog! I am also an American expat living in the Netherlands. I wanted to let you know I thought your blog was so good & helpful, so I added your blog to my list of helpful expat links on my blog :)
    Again, great blog you have here!!

  7. Yay, Prague! What a gorgeous city, and even more so without kids, I think. ;-)

  8. So I finally got my butt in gear for SS this week.:)

  9. OMG - you are in Prague??? That is so freaking cool!!! The only thing I know about Prague I saw in Mission Impossible (the 1st and only good one!).

    Can't wait to see the pics!!!

  10. I'm going to be original and say . . . Prague. Don't do anything we wouldn't do!

    - Your friends at Best Dog Videos

  11. Prague and Frog, does that sound alike. I didn't think so. Hmm Anneke and me, the Dutch speaking commenters seem to make different pronunciations.

    if it is Prague, you'll have an awesome time though. It's an awesome city.

  12. So hey... email when you get a chance. We need to talk.

  13. My apologies to the Dutch/Flemish speakers who have desperately tried to hear the rhyme in these words. I know that for you Praag sounds nothing at all like Frog. But think of me, with my very flat American accent, for whose ear the dipthong in Prauge makes the same sound--"ah"-- as the "o" in the middle of Frog. Thus, Frahg and Prahg sound just the same.
    And yeah, I went to Prague.
    Well done all of you. Though, Allie, your guess of Krog has me still giggling just a little...

  14. Obviously, the answer's been divulged by now. Still, how incredibly exciting! And the jealousy just keeps hitting me in waves...