Thursday, April 17

Pass it to Me

The other day, I was assisting Andrew in his nightly disrobing (always a production, believe me.) After the removal of his socks, I balled them together and shot them toward the open laundry hamper standing in the corner of the bedroom. As previously revealed here at this blog, my hoop shooting skills are not what you would call superstar or stellar. Of course, I missed.

"Oh! You missed Mom! You missed!"

"Yeah, buddy, I missed."

"Yeah, you lose!"

"I what?"

"You lose, Mom, you lose!"

"I lose, huh? Tell me what you know about that."

"Well, Mom. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes you lose."

"Yes, bud, I suppose that's true."

"Yeah, it's okay Mom. Just sometimes you lose. That's all. Sometimes you lose."

He patted my hand and walked away. Chalk it up to life lessons from a nearly five-year-old. Reflecting on this logic I follow the thought to its completion and figure if sometimes you lose, then other times you win, right?

Am I right?


  1. Awww, that's a great attitude really. Smart little man you have there.

  2. Yep - sometimes you win. But you won't find out unless you show up for the game.

  3. pure genius, that kid. Yup. Sometimes you just lose.

    But sometimes you win.

  4. Well yes, it's our hope that sometimes we win. But Andrew is way ahead of the game in knowing that sometimes you lose. Most of us don't figure that out until we're about fifty.

  5. But what I loved most about it is that he doesn't seem in the least phased by the idea of losing. That's totally great!

    And yes, sometimes you win! ;-)

  6. your son is very sweet to cheer you up and also very smart :) - i'm sure you're proud of him

  7. Yup - you win and you lose. But at least you try.

    I think the Dali Lama is retiring. Maybe we should line up the little man to be his successor?

  8. That is one smart cookie you have there, Jenn. He's amazing, isn't he?

  9. And sometimes you win by having done it right with a little one.

  10. I like his what? You lost? What's next?

    I really dislike the culture of American junior athletics where EVERYONE gets a trophy just for showing up - it seems like kids aren't given the chance to lose and turn their response to loss into dedication to work harder.

    Sometimes we all lose. And kiddo, you are so right, sometimes we win.

    Just look at the friends and family we have.

    If that's not winning, I don't know what is...

  11. You know that out of the mouth of babes thing . . . so true! Way to go little man!

  12. Haha. That's so freaking cute. I love that kid.

  13. He's such a sweetie. He reminds me of Julia. She often says, "Yeah, sometimes people mess up. It's okay. People just mess up sometimes."